If you have not played any of my games, just get this one. Why? Because this is 15 games in 1! I used to make smaller games, and a lot of those older games have been complied into this "sampler" App that is more than just a bunch of games. Not only can you play 15 full games, but you can also challenge friends and strangers to beat your high score! Play Erase Invaders, Jobin On Ice, Hambert's Dumb Adventure, Brick Doubt, Bug Catcher, Bunny Balloons, Ninja Stars, Six Pack Man, Beer Juggling, Road Killer, Gorpee Smash, Waffle Time, Retro Knight, Pizza Nightmare and Vacuum Buster! Enough for ya?
I always wanted to make my own "Super Mario World", so I did. Jobin The Penguin is 30 large, expansive levels of platformer fun as you help Jobin get his ball back from the foolish Shape Aliens. With fun cinematic cut scenes, colorful worlds, and the ability to collect items RPG style, you'll find this game is more than just your everyday platformer. Get Jobin today!
Boozer and Stubs have headed to the sewers to look for beer money, well aware that people commonly just throw away their pennies. But the sewers of Osos Bay are no place for a clown and a hobo, no matter how drunk they are. The sewers are crawling with Grombies; greedy, self-obsessed zombies that are eager to steal your money and your life! Thankfully, Boozer and Stubs are armed with bombs ... lots and lots of bombs that they don't mind using in their search for pennies! In this Pac-Man / Bomberman / Gauntlet mega-mashup! An older verison of Six Pack Man is available on SCP Arcade.
Wacky drunks Boozer and Stubs have stolen a beer-powered shopping cart from Corporation H and are ready to take it for a spin (and several crashes). Ride along with the dizzy duo through tons and tons of expansive levels in search of more drinks for your cart! Boozer And Stubs don't care much for safety, so expect to be crashing all over Anarchy Island! You'll have just as much fun crashing as you do flipping through the air! Can you handle the carnage?
The Viking Bunnies are all mixed up in their search for treasure in this addicting puzzle game. Match Steve, Lars, Thora, and Captain Fuzzy while trying to bring treasure chests, bananas, SCP Coins, and more down to the bottom of the screen. Be on the look out for guest appearances by their friends and foes: Senor Spider, King Ivan the King Crab, Eddie Lizard the Science Lizard, Captain Hampton the Pirate Pig, and Nibbles the Ninja Hamster.
Just becuase you are The Waffler: Lord of The Fortress of Waffletude does not mean that making waffles comes easy. In the underground world of breakfast, join The Waffler as he searches his various pantries for all of the ingredients needed to supply the world with waffles. Jump through various mazes and battle the harsh Blipps, Boogers, and Buggers that want to spoil your breakfast. Find extra toppings on your quest to make as many waffles as possible. Find keys. Move crates. Clear The Fortress of Waffletude of all these ugly monsters! A smaller version of Waffle Time is available on SCP Arcade.
The first App I ever released, and still one of the most enjoyable. It may be a part of SCP Arcade (keep that in mind!), but this game still stands alone. With 1000 levels to fight through, and the ability to save your progress, this original, action-packed, robot-shooting marathon is a must for any SCP Gamer fan.
The Viking Bunnies are back and this time they are ready to pop an armada of balloons for great prizes! (Apparenty Captain Fuzzy believes these balloons to be monsters ... so just go with it.) Using their trusty cannon aboard The Bunny Ship, blast the balloons overhead as they come your way with an array of colorful cannonballs. Just don't let the balloons (as well as large spike balloons) damage The Bunny Ship because nobody wants that. How many balloons can you pop? Is there gold in those balloons? Bunny Balloons is also available in SCP Arcade.
It's time to do some kitten juggling (don't worry, they love it)! Play the addicting game that all the kittens are talking about (seriously, they are)! Toss kittens into the air and try to see how many you can juggle for massive points and major multipliers! How many kittens are you able to juggle? To help you out, collect power-ups like Kitten Bubbles, Super Tap, and Bouncers. The more kittens you juggle, the more multipliers you can get for massive points and SCP Coin payouts. Get on the top scores list, too! If you're in the U.S., you can even play for your state in the state competition! Which state is the best?
While Brick Doubt made its move to SCP Arcade, Brick Doubt 2 is still available as its own App! In the sequel to the critically acclaimed arcade App, smash bricks like never before with new power-ups and weapons. Watch out for Gold Bricks that are both a pain to destroy, but highly explosive. Play Smash Mode and smash as many bricks as you can in this rapid-fire marathon.
Based upon the cult classic 1993 film Cannibal! The Musical, prepare for a delicious adventure as you join Packer, Swan, Noon, Bell, Humphrey, and Miller on their ill-fated trip into the cursed Rocky Mountains. In the Official Game of the hilarious movie, you'll find a wide variety of items and powerups as you track Leeane, meet the Utes, battle the Cyclops, build a snowman, cross the Green River, and tangle with those pesky Trappers! Enjoy additional content, animated scenes taken right from the movie! The skies are blue and all leaves are green, so what are you waiting for? Let's get packin'!